Alberta Council of Disability Services

Online Training Programs

Below is a list of training courses that are currently available. Subsidy support is available for these courses and will be applied on a first come, first served basis with registration. Contact with any questions.


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Foundations in Community Disability Studies (Online): A benchmark course designed for direct service workers in the field of Community Disability Services. Widely accepted as a required training for all entry level Community Disability Service Workers. We have opened up the course now for year round registrations. Learners will receive a Certificate of Completion after completing the course.

Facilitating Meaningful Change with Outcomes (Online): This course is designed for staff responsible for planning or for leading teams within organizations. Learners will increase their understanding of outcomes—from defining them, to planning them, to measuring and evaluating them.  This course meets CET standards related to Outcomes.

Outcomes Training (Online): This course aims to provide learners with an understanding of outcomes, an approach to one’s goals/vision through purposeful and measurable activity. Frontline workers are given material that relates their role with the outcomes of services. A clear recognition of the link between their work and the achievement of outcomes leads to more effective practice in Community Disability Services.

Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support (Online): This course is designed for staff seeking an introduction to behaviour planning. Learners will be introduced to ACDS’s standards related to planned procedures, and develop an understanding of the planning process (from assessment of behaviours of concern to creating strategies to address them). This course meets CET Standards related to Positive Behaviour Supports.

Advanced Positive Behaviour Support (Online): This course is designed for workers involved in planning and overseeing behaviour support plans within their organizations. Building on the practical aspects of developing a plan, this course presents material that enhances learners' understanding of effective theories behind PBS.

From Community Presence to Community Inclusion: Supporting inclusive community lives for individuals accessing services can be challenging work. This course was designed to: raise awareness of opportunities for inclusion; share strategies for nurturing and maintaining friendships and support networks; and provide guidance on how to measure progress.

Fundamentals of Mentoring: The aim of this course is to provide agency-based mentors the fundamental knowledge and the necessary skills to support the Community Disability Services workers in their learning process.

Building a Culture of Safety: The course will equip all community disability staff with the knowledge and tools to create an environment where workers feel empowered to take initiative on safety within their work every day. Participants will learn how to develop a safe and healthy workplace strategy that produces engagement at all levels of the organization.

Introduction to Energy Efficiency: This course contains four modular lessons to provide learners with an introduction to concepts and practices that increase energy efficiency in both personal and professional settings. The four lessons cover: Climate Change, Carbon Footprint, Sustainable Development Goals, and Energy.

Introduction to Accreditation & Surveying: 2021 New Standards (Generalists): This course is designed for anyone looking to become familiar with the new Creating Excellence Together (CET) Accreditation Framework, as well as the components and processes of the accreditation survey. 

Introduction to Accreditation & Surveying 2021 New Standards (Surveyors in Training): This course is an introduction to the new standards to allow surveyors in training to become familiar with the new Creating Excellence Together (CET) Accreditation Framework, as well as the components and processes of the accreditation survey