Alberta Council of Disability Services

Fundamentals of Mentoring

Human service organizations today are increasingly recognizing the value of mentoring in building organizational capacity and leadership, and the important role that mentors can play in the creation of a strong workforce. This course was designed to provide learners with core knowledge on mentorship, as well as the skills and attitudes to develop that will improve their ability to guide others.

The aim of this course is to provide agency-based mentors the fundamental knowledge to support emerging Community Disability Services workers, through four units:

  1. Introduction to Mentoring
  2. Mentoring Skills: Active Listening and Effective Questioning
  3. Mentoring Skills: Assessment and Feedback
  4. Attitudes of an Effective Mentor

This course is particularly recommended for mentors of learners in the online Foundations in Community Disability Studies program. Content and learning activities are delivered online so that learners can study at their own pace. A self-test and final test is included to assess learning. The completion time is approximately five hours.

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