Alberta Council of Disability Services

Accreditation Resources

ACDS' Standards and Accredition has been a key player in supporting organizations to provide excellence in their services. We do this by:

  • Promoting best practices through the Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards
  • Giving service providers personal support, such as during pre-survey visits
  • Researching for and making available resources that organizations and staff can use in their day-to-day operations and when preparing for their CET accreditation site-survey
  • Sharing our own knowledge, experiences and expertise

Accreditation Resources Include

CET Virtual Survey Relaunch Resources: In July 2020, ACDS relaunched CET Accreditation using a virtual survey process. This link will take you to presentations that can answer your questions about our virtual process 

CET Preparation Toolkit (2016 and 2021 Standards): Includes workbooks, factsheets, tools, and survey information and overviews for individuals and staff 

Federal and Provincial Legislation: Acts, codes, licensing, and standards in Alberta and Canada

Guidelines for the Use of Medications that Influence Behaviour: Explores reasons to use medication to influence behaviour, the types of medication to consider, and how medication can impact individuals. This is available to purchase through the Order Form

CET Accreditation Surveyors: Information on the attributes and qualifications required to become a CET surveyor, and how to apply

CET Standards Manuals : A list of the CET Standards manuals and related booklets that can be purchased using the ACDS Order Form

Complex Needs Booklet: A series of manuals to assist in creating effective behavioural approaches for individuals with complex needs.