Alberta Council of Disability Services

Accreditation Resources

ACDS' Standards and Accredition has been a key player in supporting organizations to provide excellence in their services. We do this by:

  • Promoting best practices through the Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards
  • Giving service providers personal support, such as during pre-survey visits
  • Researching for and making available resources that organizations and staff can use in their day-to-day operations and when preparing for their CET accreditation site-survey
  • Sharing our own knowledge, experiences and expertise

Accreditation Resources Include

CET Virtual Survey Relaunch Resources: ACDS is ready to offer service providers a virtual survey process with the relaunch of CET Accreditation in July 2020. We’ve developed presentations to explain what this will look like

CET Preparation Toolkit: Includes workbooks, factsheets, tools, and survey information and overviews for individuals and staff 

Federal and Provincial Legislation: Acts, codes, licensing, and standards in Alberta and Canada

Guidelines for the Use of Medications that Influence Behaviour: Explores reasons to use medication to influence behaviour, the types of medication to consider, and how medication can impact individuals. This is available to purchase through the Order Form

Becoming a CET Accreditation Surveyor: Information on the attributes, and qualifications required to become a CET surveyor

CET Standards Manuals: Manuals used during site surveys with standards indicated. These are available to purchase through the Order Form