Alberta Council of Disability Services

Guidelines for Medications

In the disability field, medication is sometimes used to modify behaviour. Despite the necessity of this intervention, guidelines must also be in place to ensure that the individuals who require this type of medication are protected and that service providers and staff practise due diligence.

The intent of our booklet Guidelines for the Use of Medications to Influence Behaviour is to advise our readers about

  • the responsible use of medications as a restrictive approach or procedure and as part of an integrated treatment plan to address behaviours of concern
  • the review and monitoring of all medication prescriptions

This booklet is written for

  • Service Providers and Staff – to ensure they have a process to use when individuals in their care are prescribed medication as part of a treatment approach to address behaviours of concern
  • Advocates – to ensure that the use of medications is meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities
  • Review Committees – to ensure that there are no infringements on the rights of individuals with disabilities

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