Alberta Council of Disability Services

CET Survey Relaunch Resources

Creating Excellence Together (CET) Virtual Survey Relaunch Presentations

In mid-March 2020, the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) required service providers to close non-residential programs and prompted the Accreditation team to postpone the April to June CET surveys. In July 2020, we relaunched CET using a virtual survey process. To help service providers understand how we conduct virtual surveys, we have created the following set of presentations. 


Virtual Survey Relaunch: This is an introduction to the CET relaunch process. It includes valuable information about the relaunch and a list of ACDS online training courses that are available for staff training and development. 

Survey Process Overview: This presentation describes the process the Accreditation team will use to work with service providers to set up, prepare for, and undertake their CET Accreditation Surveys. 

Virtual Itinerary: Itineraries for virtual CET Accreditation surveys will be similar to pre-pandemic itineraries. This presentation will give you an example of what changes can be expected in an itinerary for a virtual survey.  

Organizational Framework: The first day of a CET survey is dedicated to gathering information about the service provider’s organizational framework and its services, physical facility, staff and individuals accessing service. While the purpose of this day will not change significantly, the manner of conducting the meetings and having a virtual tour will, as outlined in this presentation. 

Conducting Conversations: Service providers, staff, individuals accessing service and their support networks will find this presentation useful as it describes how ACDS’ survey teams will be communicating using virtual tools such as Zoom, Skype, etc. It also includes tips for helping individuals to be comfortable using the technology. 

Questions and Answers: This presentation answers the most common questions ACDS has received from service providers.