Alberta Council of Disability Services

Mandt Training

In response to the sector's increasing need for nonviolent crisis intervention techniques and the accreditation requirements for the Complex Support Needs (CSN) designation, ACDS has launched “Mandt Training Without Physical Restraint Training.”

The course will provide essential nonviolent strategies widely to the Community Disability Services (CDS) sector, as well as other human services organizations and networks. With its comprehensive design, this new training is tailored to a broad spectrum of participants, including CDS professionals, caregivers, and anyone interested in mastering nonviolent crisis management.

ACDS is offering this training in collaboration with Mandt System Training. It meets the CET accreditation standards and is created for staff seeking effective strategies in crisis intervention without the use of physical restraints. Participants will engage in interactive sessions focused on prevention, deceleration techniques, and the development of supportive communication and behavioral strategies to proactively manage potential crises.

To register for our upcoming session please go to the Events page.