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Election 2023

As the Alberta 2023 Election nears, it is critical that the Community Disability Services (CDS) sector and supporters engage in the election process and ensure that the sector's issues and priorities are brought to the attention of all political parties and candidates. Learn more about why Election 2023 matters for the CDS sector. 

Party Platforms and the CDS Sector

Read our comparative summary of the issues important to the CDS sector in the election platforms of Alberta's five main political parties

Read the responses to our survey of political parties on their prioties as they relate to the CDS sector

ACDS Election Priorities

ACDS has identified three key priorities that we think should be reflected in the political platforms of every party. These priorities are based on what we have heard through the diverse mechanisms we use to engage with our members and the CDS sector. 

Read the full document detailing the three ACDS Election 2023 priorities

Support the Election Priorities: #CDSVotes

It is up to ALL of us to make our voice heard and help ensure the above three key priorities are reflected in the political platforms of every party. Here are a few of the actions you can take to support our campaign:

  1. Meet with your MLA candidates and share the election materials detailing our priorities
  2. Share the election materials with: ​MLA candidates who come door-knocking during the campaign; Your family members, friends, and people you work with, and encourage them to tell others; Families and individuals in service, and encourage them to speak with their candidates
  3. Download and share the #CDSVotes campaign graphics and a link to our Election 2023 webpage on your social media platforms.
  4. Follow ACDS' social media platforms and reshare our campaign messages using the hashtag #CDSVotes
  5. Vote for the party you think will best address the sector's priorities

Further Resources

Links to Alberta political party websites:
Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP)
Alberta Party
Green Party of Alberta
Liberal Party
United Conservative Party of Alberta (UCP)

Voting Information

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