Alberta Council of Disability Services

Standards Review Committee

2016 CET Accreditation Standards

Accreditation site surveys currently use the 2016 version of the CET standards, which offers service providers their choice of

ACDS thanks everyone who served on the 2015-2016 Standards Review Committee; your time, feedback and expertise were invaluable to us and to the field. And so our gratitude goes out to 

  • ACDS members
  • service provider staff
  • CET site surveyors
  • ACDS staff members
  • external professionals in related fields
  • members of ACDS' various committees and 
  • other stakeholders

2019 CET Accreditation Standards

Since the CET Accreditation Standards are reviewed on a three-year cycle, ACDS has launched the process to review the 2016 version with the goal of creating the 2019 version of the standards.

Although the standards will still be comprised of the same options as listed above, we expect the new version will

  • include improved methods for reviewing specific services (e.g., employment only services)
  • remove duplication of content or intent where noted
  • reword or remove indicators that cannot be measured or show outcomes

The 2016 version will continue to be used for site surveys until implementation of the 2019 version in April 2021.

The progress of this review will be shared periodically through the ACDS Umbrella.