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Respite and Children's

Respite for Children and Adults with Disabilities

The purpose of the Additional Indicators for Respite for Children and Adults with Disabilities is to provide guidelines and accreditation that

  • is based on the specific characteristics of respite services for both children and adults
  • provides definitions for and acknowledges the typical needs of children and adults in respite and
  • reflects the expectations for respite staff, who are often subcontractors

The benefits for organizations that go through a respite survey at the same time as the Creating Excellence Together (CET) Accreditation Level 1 or Level 2 survey include

  • reducing the amount of preparation time and money that would be required if accreditation of respite services required another accreditation body
  • getting a more accurate picture of the quality, effectiveness and needs of respite services than is available through CET Accreditation alone
  • being awarded a certificate that specifically lists the organization’s respite services, which then becomes a marketing tool for outsiders and a reassurance to individuals accessing respite services and
  • enhancing the organization’s image and reputation.

Services for Children with Disabilities

The CET Accreditation Level 1 or Level 2 review can include Additional Indicators for Services for Children with Disabilities. This survey type began with feedback from the 2008 Children's Accreditation Standards and incorporates current best practices around services to children and youth who have developmental disabilities. The indicators in this 2016 version more accurately represent the needs of children accessing service than can be found in the Accreditation standards for adults with disabilities.

The Children’s indicators also address the needs of young individuals who are transitioning to adult services.

Organizations going through CET Accreditation for their adult services can save preparation time and money by having their children's services reviewed and accredited at the same time as their adult services and by using one accrediting body.

Services for Children Factsheet

Respite Factsheet