Alberta Council of Disability Services

Level 2

What it Means to Achieve Accreditation Level 2

Achievement of Creating Excellence Together (CET) Accreditation Level 2 shows that a service provider

  • has gone beyond the minimum requirements of accreditation and is providing an above-average quality service
  • has shown that it is innovative, resourceful, and diligent
  • has earned the right to be considered employers of choice and leaders in the field and
  • has qualified itself to be a mentor to other organizations

The Accreditation Level 2 Process

CET Accreditation Level 2 incorporates all of the Level 1 standards and indicators, and also includes additional indicators that, while not mandatory for funding or for providing quality of life for individuals accessing service, measures the extra procedures a service provider facilitates to strive for

  • more excellent service to individuals
  • a higher level of support to staff and
  • a greater commitment to its community and the Community Disability Services field

To be considered for Accreditation Level 2, it is expected that all Accreditation Level 1 indicators will be met at the 90% level (as per the Accreditation Level 1 Measurement System). Once there is verification that Accreditation Level 1 has been met, the site-survey report is forwarded to ACDS' Commission on Accreditation for review.

The Quality of Life, Quality of Service, and Organizational Framework standards continue to be given equal consideration in the standards review. As well, written policy and procedure, and consistent and well-understood practice will be in place at all levels of the organization and among its stakeholders.

The Accreditation Level 1 portion of the survey is funded by Persons with Developmental Disabilities; organizations are billed for the Accreditation Level 2 part. Seeking to achieve Accreditation Level 2 in organizational and service excellence is a major undertaking and reflects an organization's drive to be the best that it can be.

CET Level 2 Factsheet