Alberta Council of Disability Services

Level 1

The Requirement for Accreditation Level 1

According to the Government of Alberta, Disability Services, service providers that have a current Service Agreement with a Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) regional community board

  • need their services to be evaluated according to approved standards at least once every three years
  • must be in compliance with the standards or be actively pursuing compliance in order to be eligible to receive PDD program funding

Therefore, all service providers funded by PDD must either

  • hold current CET accreditation status
  • be scheduled for an Accreditation Level 1 survey
  • be actively working on an Action Plan to address all CET deficiencies following the receipt of the Site Survey Report or
  • have successfully implemented an Action Plan to address all CET deficiencies

Accreditation Level 1 surveys are funded by the PDD Program.

What it Means to Achieve Accreditation Level 1

Achievement of CET Accreditation Level 1

  • tells a service provider as well as its staff, funder, individuals accessing service, prospective applicants and other stakeholders, that it is providing a quality service
  • ensures the service provider can receive uninterrupted funding from funding bodies that reasonably have the expectation that the organizations they support will meet this primary level of standards achievement and
  • is a stepping stone on the path to continuous improvement in service provision and organizational excellence

The Accreditation Level 1 Process

Accreditation Level 1 expects policy (where indicated), process, and consistent and informed practice to be in place within all levels of the organization. The focus is balanced at this level, with Quality of Life, Quality of Service, and Organizational Framework standards being weighted quite evenly.

The CET survey process examines service provision from three perspectives.

  1. Individuals accessing service: How the organization supports and facilitates Quality of Life for the individuals through its services to individuals.
  2. Staff: How the organization supports and facilitates Quality of Life for the individuals through its human resources component.
  3. Organization: How the organization's policy, procedures, and infrastructure support organizational effectiveness, which in turn supports the components that ensure the individuals' Quality of Life.

A Measurement System for this primary level of standards determines whether an organization

  • has met the requirements of the Accreditation Level 1 indicators
  • has met each of the Quality of Life, Quality of Service, and Organization Framework standards, and
  • has met the three mandatory standards on positive and restrictive procedures

A post-survey process supports service providers to address, in an Action Plan, all of the indicators that were not met, regardless of whether the organization achieves Accreditation Level 1 or not.

CET Level 1 Factsheet

Site Survey Process