Alberta Council of Disability Services

Latest Workforce Research and Publications

Community Disability Services Workforce: An Essential Foundation for Quality Supports (January 2022): A summary of workforce issues in the Community Disability Services (CDS) sector, key statistics, and recommendations. 

COVID-19 Pandemic Year 2: Stories from Alberta's Community Disability Services Sector: (October 2021): Supplements ACDS' 2020 Impact and Insights: COVID-19 and Alberta’s CDS Sector report.

ACDS Survey 2020: COVID-19 Impact on CDS Workforce (March 2021): Data on the impact of the first wave of the pandemic on the CDS sector workforce. 

Impact and Insights: COVID-19 and Alberta's Community Disability Services Sector (October 2020): Synthesizes how service providers in the CDS sector were impacted during the first six months since the COVID-19 public health emergency was declared. 

ACDS 2019 Workforce Survey (March 2020): Comprehensive and vital information about the CDS sector workforce.