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Resources The Alberta Human Rights Commission hosts scheduled workshops across Alberta including, but not limited to, the following six modules:
  • Module one: A respectful and inclusive workplace
  • Module two: Human rights legislation in the workplace
  • Module three: Discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • Module four: The duty to accommodate
  • Module five: Human rights and the employment process
  • Module six: The human rights complaint process
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Workshop Modules 1-6


Valerie Cade speaks as a keynote or gives seminars on being Bully Free at Work. Her website also includes numerous articles and video links on the subject. Provincial

Valerie Cade
1-877-239-4499 or 403-508-0678

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Workshop Preventing workplace violence seminar: Creating a safe workplace is not only important, it's also the law. The Occupational Health and Safety Act states employers must do everything they can to protect their workers. Our WCB seminar on preventing workplace violence will teach you how to ensure compliance with the OH&S Code and how to develop and implement practical strategies for creating a safer workplace.

WCB offers a free seminar for employers who are interested in developing a workplace violence prevention program. WCB will also consider arrangements to bring this seminar to your company.


Others on Request

WCB-Alberta's Corporate Security Team
780-498-4990 (Northern Alberta) or
403-517-6003 (Southern Alberta)

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Online Due Diligence for Supervisors explains the philosophy of the Internal Responsibility System (IRS). The program defines due diligence as it applies to occupational health and safety and identifies specific measures that must be put in place to meet the requirements for due diligence.

Workplace Harassment Training is a three-unit course designed for both management and non-management workers. Upon completion, individuals should be equipped to recognize and properly address workplace harassment and to prevent such situations when possible.

Workplace Violence Prevention Guide to Program Development and Implementation is designed for managers, supervisors and workers involved in the development or implementation of an organization's workplace violence prevention policy. Participants will learn to recognize the risk factors associated with workplace violence and will examine the components of an effective workplace violence prevention program.

Training in Positive and Progressive Discipline will be the first step in creating a work environment free of insubordination or hostility. Progressive discipline encourages and fosters trust and confidence in management and a return to harmony in the workplace.
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