Alberta Council of Disability Services

Abuse Prevention and Reporting

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Resources Abuse Prevention And Response (APRP): APRP is a PDD policy framework that identifies proactive strategies for preventing abuse and procedures to follow when responding to allegations of abuse, including addressing the immediate safety and security needs of the individual. Adherence to the APRP is mandatory for all PDD funded stakeholders, including community service providers, Administrators of Family Managed Services (FMS), as well as services directly run and operated by PDD (Direct Operations). Provincial Click to visit website
Webcast July 2016 This webcast (46 mins.) provides an overview of the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol (APRP). This Webcast is part of the PDD Learning Series. While this presentation is very helpful in introducing people to the issues covered under APRP, it is not intended to replace face-to-face training on APRP provided by PDD funded service providers, FMS Administrators and PDD. It covers the following topics: (there have not been sweeping changes but they will highlight changes as they go).
  1. Understand the purpose of the Protocol
  2. Develop an awareness of types of abuse as defined by the Protocol
  3. General understanding of Reporting requirements and follow up
  4. Process and additional Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Additional legislative requirements to reporting abuse
Provincial Click to go to webcast (YouTube)
Workshop Excel Academy offers professional development in Abuse Prevention. Provincial Matthew Rolheiser, Registrar
Excel Academy
Phone: (780) 441 7999
Fax: (780) 421 7563