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CET Components, Levels & Survey Types

General Information, Components, Measurement & Site Survey Report

ACDS' Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards make two levels of accreditation available to services providers, each of which supports a greater degree of continuous quality outcomes in the provision of services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • Accreditation Level 1 assesses a primary, mandatory level of service outcomes and performance
  • Accreditation Level 2 promotes an advanced level of performance achievement


Both levels of the 2016 version of the CET Accreditation Standards have three components, which service providers are encouraged to use to evaluate their services to individuals, their human resources, and their overall operations. In addition to giving service providers insight and information, the evaluations will help them to prepare for an external peer survey.

  1. Quality of Life
  • The Quality of Life Standards are directly based on what Albertans with disabilities said was important to them in their lives. At ACDS, we liken quality of life to the fruit on a tree. Healthy roots and robust branches produce desirable fruit.
  • Individuals accessing service and the people who support them may use the Quality of Life Standards as part of their individual planning process.
  1. Quality of Service
  • The Quality of Service Standards measure how staff support individuals to achieve the quality of life they desire. Staff can be equated to the branches of a tree in that they provide nourishment and support.
  • According to the individuals accessing service with whom we spoke, "It is quality if I believe it is respectful of me and if it gets me to where I want to go."
  1. Organizational Framework
  • All services are rooted in a framework that serves as the foundation from which quality of service and quality of life grow and flourish.
  • The Organizational Framework Standards review the processes that are in place to support, nurture and enhance the individuals’ quality of life.

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