Alberta Council of Disability Services

Survey Expenses & Compensation

ACDS compensates survey team leaders and team members for their time spent on-site at a survey and for survey-related expenses.

Team Leader Contracts

Team leaders are offered a contract with ACDS that sets out specific amounts for the varying survey types (e.g., Level 1, Level 2, optional survey types).

Team Member Honorariums

Team members are paid an honorarium directly to themselves or via their employers. The honorarium

  • is calculated on the number of survey days (usually Tuesday to Friday)
  • is meant to help compensate for the team member’s salary
  • can be taken in the form of a credit towards future surveyor training or ACDS conferences

Accommodations and Meal Expenses

ACDS arranges for and covers the cost of accommodations; we use a mix of criteria to choose hotels (e.g., location, recommendations, amenities such as on-site restaurant and Wi-Fi).

ACDS reimburses surveyors for associated survey costs following the submission of supporting documentation (e.g., meal receipts).

Transportation and Expenses

ACDS can arrange transportation (e.g., bus, car rental) on our surveyors’ behalf and at our expense.

When surveyors use their own cars, ACDS reimburses their mileage (kilometers must be recorded).

ACDS asks surveyors to use the most economical form of travel possible and encourages carpooling where feasible.


Becoming a Surveyor

Surveyor Team Member Qualifications, with application and reference forms

Surveyor Team Leader Qualifications, with application and reference forms