Alberta Council of Disability Services

Annual Workforce Surveys

The ACDS Annual Workforce Survey is a collection of vital information about Alberta's Community Disability Services sector workforce, from 2013 to present. The data supports sector organizations to develop evidence-based human resource strategies in pursuit of their respective organizational goals. The information is also used by ACDS, sector organizations, and funders, to help inform policies and processes at provincial and regional levels

ACDS Survey 2021 InfographicOrganizational Wellness and Workforce

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Past Surveys

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ACDS 2019 Workforce Survey    2019 Workforce Survey Highlights

ACDS 2018 Workforce Skills and Training Survey    2018 Workforce Skills and Training Survey Highlights 

ACDS 2017 Annual Workforce Survey: Provincial Workforce Profile

ACDS 2016 Annual Data Analysis

ACDS 2015 Annual Data Analysis

ACDS 2013 Survey of Salaries and Selected Human Resource Practices