Alberta Council of Disability Services

Annual Workforce Survey

The ACDS Annual Workforce Survey is a vital source of information about the workforce profile in Alberta’s Community Disability Services (CDS) sector. ACDS has been collecting and reporting workforce data since 2009 to support sector organizations to develop evidence-based human resource strategies in pursuit of their respective organizational goals. The information is also used by ACDS, sector organizations, and funders, to help inform policies and processes at provincial and regional levels.

Past annual reports have collected a wide range of workforce sector data, including gender, age, education, employment status, position, length of employment, wages, industry turnover, and organizational turnover, for example.  For 2018, the ACDS Human Resources Coordinating Committee recommended gathering data specifically on workforce skills and training. This most recent annual report collects information on the workforce profile surrounding an more extensive summary related to workforce training, specifically: training costs, how these costs are funded, and the types of training accessed by each position.

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