Alberta Council of Disability Services

Becoming a Surveyor

The Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) believes that service providers benefit from having a CET Accreditation Surveyor on staff to help the organization

  • prepare for its own Creating Excellence Together (CET) Accreditation site-survey
  • ascertain if its own policies and practices are current and according to best practice
  • discover what similar organizations do to follow best practice and develop innovative services

Key Surveyor Attributes

The ideal candidates for surveyors must have

  • Management or leadership experience
  • A comprehensive knowledge of and experience with
    • community disability services
    • service provision
    • organizational policy and procedure
    • human resources
    • governance
    • finances
  • Experience being a team player who can also handle tasks independently
  • Good listening and observation skills
  • The ability to
    • connect with individuals who may have communication and/or behavioural challenges
    • put people at ease and gain their trust
    • communicate at many levels (e.g., individuals accessing service, family members, guardians, friends, direct support staff, management, Board members)
    • respond skilfully, spontaneously and with flexibility when faced with unexpected situations
    • objectively analyze data
    • record clear and appropriate examples relative to the indicators
  • Proficiency using technology including operating mobile devices and working in an online environment
  • Endurance and stamina to work long hours while on-site and to accommodate travel outside of your home region

Surveyor Team Member Qualifications, with application and reference forms
Surveyor Team Leader Qualifications, with application and reference forms
Survey Expenses and Compensation