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Suicide Prevention

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Course Suicide Prevention: ASIST is a 2-day, intensive, interactive and practice-dominated course developed by LivingWorks Education. It is designed to help caregivers recognize risk and learn how to intervene to prevent immediate risk of suicide. The ASIST workshop helps to 1) understand attitudes toward suicide 2) recognize and assess risk of suicide 3) learn suicide intervention techniques 4) practice intervention skills and 5) access local resources and people that can help during a crisis. Edmonton Click to visit website
Workshop FIRST RESPONSE - Suicide & Self-Harm Intervention Training
This course is a Suicide & Self-Harm Intervention workshop focusing on developing a helpful first response for either critical situation. Looking at three vital areas of study; attitudes & perception components, a knowledge base component, and practical response skills including risk assessments and intervention techniques. Learning to respond in a unique way to either suicide ideation or self-harming behavior. Proper techniques and understanding will lead to relationship development with the crisis individual rather than communication breakdown.
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Resources The Crisis Support Centre offers information and support to caregivers of individuals who is suicidal. Edmonton Click to visit website
Workshop Excel Academy offers professional development in Suicide Intervention and Crisis Prevention. Edmonton Matthew Rolheiser, Registrar
Excel Academy
Phone: (780) 441 7999
Fax: (780) 421 7563

Mental Health First Aid Training: In this 12-hour course in 4 modules, participants learn how to provide initial help to people who are showing signs of a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. It covers the following mental health problems: depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis, and Substance Use Disorder and the following mental health crisis situations: suicidal behaviour, overdoses, panic attacks, reactions to traumatic events, and violence associated with psychosis. They also provide training specific to youth and certified instructor training. Provincial Click to visit website