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Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis (IABA), based in California, is dedicated to the advancement of positive practices in the field of challenging behaviour, with a non-aversive, person-centered approach. This is a highly respected, quality training resource for the sector. IABA has launched a web-based e-learning site. Provincial Click to visit website

Click to visit website
Resources The Association for Positive Behavior Support (APBS) is an international organization of professionals that shares information on the application of positive behaviour supports to individuals with complex needs in a variety of support settings (e.g., schools, justice system, community). Provincial Click to visit website
Workshop Positive Behaviour Supports (PBS): Level One/Two: Each 1-day workshop develops the knowledge and values base and starts to develop specific skills and competencies. Provincial Training Information
Train-the-Trainer Positive Behaviour Supports (PBS) Train-the-Trainer program: This 2-day course provides its participants with the skills necessary to train staff in their home organizations in the areas related to the use of positive practices & restrictive procedures. Provincial Training Information
Workshop Excel Academy offers professional development in Strategies for Behaviour Management. Edmonton Matthew Rolheiser, Registrar
Excel Academy
Phone: (780) 441 7999
Fax: (780) 421 7563

My Life Matters was written for Michener services employees, but could serve as a guide for all support workers in the disability services field. It discusses a wide range of positive approaches to supporting adults with developmental disabilities and responding to unanticipated situations and behaviours of concern.

Trainers include Kathy Noyes, with a behavioural specialist from Central region.

Contact Kathy Noyes
Workshop WJS Alberta offers the following workshops in Grande Prairie and area:
  • Proactive Behavioural Strategies: Basic techniques for managing problematic behaviours
  • Advanced Behavioral Strategies (pre-requisite: PBS above)
  • Crisis Assessment and Response (pre-requisites: PBS)
  • Behavioral Plan Design (pre-requisite PBS & ABS)
  • Common Disabilities and Behavior Management
WJS also offers in-services on a variety of other topics, such as Behaviour Review Committees, Confidentiality, Consistency, Conflict Styles and Dealing with Confrontation, Incident Report writing, Mini Proactive Strategies, Positive Programming, Reinforcement Schedules, Restrictive Procedures, Role Playing, Social Stories, and Structure.
Northwest Danielle Newsome
Workshop WJS Alberta offers the following workshop in Slave Lake and area:
  • Crisis Assessment and Response (pre-requisites: Proactive Behavioural Strategies)
Northwest Ilana Zinyk 780-849-5111
Resources Mount Royal University and the Government of Alberta (FSCD) have created a set of website resources on Positive Behaviour Supports for Children designed to meet the specific needs of families, aides and school staff. Included are units on teaching adaptive behavior, managing challenging behaviours, teamwork and program planning. Provincial
Workshop Proactive Behavioural Strategies: Basic techniques for managing problematic behaviours Northwest Trish Beckley- 780-332-4183 x. 105
Workshop Introduction to Assessment & Positive Behaviour Support: This two-part introductory-level workshop is intended for direct support workers, particularly those working with adults with developmental disabilities and problem behaviour. This workshop provides a framework for understanding the communicative functions of behaviour, reinforcement, functional assessment procedures, interventions that match treatment to function, and simple strategies that support workers can implement to prevent problem behaviour. A focus is placed on a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach to problem behaviour and positive approaches. Calgary
Online Is it a Crisis or an Opportunity? is a pre-recorded 1-hour webinar for respite workers who support children that focuses on learning how the child communicates emotions and gives strategies to address or prevent crises and support positive behaviours. It can also be accessed through the Respite Learning Portal and SafeGuards Training. Provincial
Resources The Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support in Queensland, Australia currently includes several useful PowerPoint presentations on best practices on their events page. The website is still in development and may, in future, include useful resources on other pages. Provincial