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Person-Centered Planning

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The Inclusive Solutions team is from Nottingham, UK and they travel to North America to deliver workshops related to person-centred planning with and without complex needs, inclusion, and assorted other topics. The workshop descriptions include video clips from the training that are informative resources in themselves. Provincial Click to visit website
Course Optimal Individual Service Design. Two-week intensive training by Michael Kendrick focuses on Person Centered Planning including actual plan development, who should be involved, methods for recording, determining success. Training involved development of an actual plan with individuals from different environments. Provincial

Person-Centred planning resources are available on the website of Helen Sanderson Associates (HSA). In Alberta, HSA workshops and courses on this subject are offered by Centerpoint Facilitation. These include:
  • Person Centered Thinking Skills
  • Person Centered Risk
  • One Page Profiles
  • Person Centered Reviews: Important To/For and Working/Not Working Reviews
  • Person Centered Reviews - Transition Reviews and Citizenship Reviews
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