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Compassion Fatigue/Stress

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Compassion Fatigue Certificate program is based in Florida but provides training elsewhere on a contract basis. Participants who successfully complete the training will be certified as Compassion Fatigue Specialists and authorized to offer the Accelerated Recovery Program for Compassion Fatigue five- session treatment program as part of their clinical services. This training program not only allows participants to gain insight and confidence in using the techniques, but also has been shown to reduce their own symptoms of Compassion Fatigue through the training. Provincial Click to visit website

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Workshop Compassion Fatigue Identification, Management and Prevention. Compassion is quintessential to the establishment of trust, respect, and safety in any growth promoting relationship. As caregivers and/or social service professionals work with challenging populations, they are vulnerable to feeling undervalued, overextended, and isolated in their efforts to motivate and evoke change. During these challenging experiences, too often frustration and emotional exhaustion replace compassion, and the people within their care tend to endure an arrest of development and/or a regression. Provincial Click to visit website
Presentation Valerie Cade speaks as a keynote or seminar on Encouragement for the Encouragers! - How To Build Trust With People You Don't Understand, Don't Connect With, But Still Have to Work With. Other topics relate to bullying Provincial Valerie Cade
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Workshop WJS offers in-services on a variety of topics, such as Compassion Fatigue and Stress and Self-Care. Northwest Grande Prairie and area - Brenda Williamson

Slave Lake and area - Ilana Zinyk 780-849-5111

An organization of caregivers for caregivers that helps them maintain their own wellbeing. Offers information, education, support, networking, advocacy, and community development to make caregivers' lives less difficult.

The 9 module COMPASS for the Caregiver workshop encourages caregivers to recognize that in order to care for a loved one, they must first care for themselves. Participants find their strength and accept their limitations as together they tackle some of the most challenging aspects of caregiving: the difficult emotions like guilt and resentment, dealing with family, friend and health professionals that just don't understand, managing stress and depression, and finding time for themselves.