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Community Development/Inclusion

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The Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition provides online courses on Community Development Strategies and Collaborations and Partnerships for Healthy Communities.

OHCC also has an online resource library, including an Inclusive Community Tool Kit.
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Workshop Community Inclusion: Within this popular 3-hour workshop, participants will learn what "community inclusion" really includes. The workshop will also provide first steps in how to support people with disabilities to lead inclusive and wholistic lives.

Inclusion in the Community and at Home: This 3-hour workshop will also focus on the value of "home" with a specific focus on supporting people with disabilities to find meaning and ownership at home. Specific ideas and tips will be generated and share:
  • The difference between segregation, integration and inclusion
  • Importance of working to include people in their existent community
  • What makes "home" a home?
  • How can we support people differently to live, work and play in their own inclusive homes and communities?
Quality Roles & Relationships: Within this practical 3-hour workshop, participants will learn about the power of creating valued roles for children or adults with disabilities. The workshop will also examine the threat of people with disabilities becoming tourists in their own community. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to improve the quality of someone's day, based on building genuine relationships rather than only supporting them in activities.
Provincial Cara Milne (403) 764-1365


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Community of Practice
Tamarak Institute:  An Institute dedicated to the art and science of community engagement and collaborative leadership. Provincial Click to visit website
Workshop Community Connecting in Action: A large portion of this interactive 1-day workshop is about how to find, engage and enlist allies/gatekeepers within community. The course is focused on practical, creative, person-centered and cost-effective strategies to connect people with community. Provincial ThinkJar Collective:
Phone: 780-918-5608
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Resources David Pitonyak's The Importance of Belonging shares ideas for how to connect individuals to their community as part of a person-centred support plan. His website also contains links to other online resources related to support issues. Provincial Click to visit website

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Resources Building on the skills of local residents, the power of local associations, and the supportive functions of local institutions, asset-based community development draws upon existing community strengths to build stronger, more sustainable communities for the future. Provincial Asset Based Community Development Institute

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Resources Friends: Connecting people with disabilities and Community Members. A great resource and activity workbook by Angela Novak Amado from the Research and Training Centre on Community Living, Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota Provincial Friends: Connecting people with disabilities and Community Members

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