Alberta Council of Disability Services

Measuring the Standards

Measuring the Standards

The Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards are measured through a virtual survey process. The survey is conducted by paid team leaders as well as volunteers, all of whom have work experience in the field of Community Disability Services and are referred to as surveyors.

To measure the quality of the individuals’ lives, surveyors conduct in-depth conversations

  • with a representative sample of individuals accessing service, some of whom may have varying limitations in their ability to verbally communicate and
  • with family members, guardians, and/or friends who are able to advocate for the individuals and/or speak on their behalf

To measure the quality of service delivery and to learn about the direct supports that staff provide, surveyors have conversations with the staff members who directly support the individuals who participate in conversations.

As much as possible, staff will facilitate the virtual conversations in a relaxed environment that is most comfortable for each of the survey participants.

Information concerning the organizations' framework (e.g., human resources, staff training, risk management and safety strategies) are measured

  • by reviewing the information and evidence the service provider submitted through its Self-Study Guide 
  • by using this information to see how the provider's organizational processes align with the standards and
  • by talking with the key management group or leadership staff to clarify and confirm the framework and processes that support the organization's operations

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The Site Survey Report

Following the completion of a survey, the results are documented in a report along with any commendations or recommendations. Stakeholders who are interested in viewing the results of a specific survey are asked to directly contact the service provider or its funder.

Site Survey Process & Timeline