Alberta Council of Disability Services

ACDS Committees

ACDS has a number of committees driven by leaders from the Community Disability Services sector. Below is a list of our active committees. Click on the titles for more information, and current member lists.

ACDS Government Relations Committee: Supports ACDS to develop a strong collective voice to engage in government relations and non-partisan advocacy for effective public policies in the disability sector

ACDS Human Resources Coordinating Comittee: Supports ACDS in initiatives to achieve a professional, well-trained and stable community disability services workforce

Membership Council: ACDS regularly convenes the Chairs of all regional community disability service provider networks across Alberta to increase awareness, discuss issues, and co-develop solutions

Service Provider Partnership Committee: Co-chaired by ACDS and Ministry of Community and Social Services, this committee has ACDS members and government staff collaborating to address emerging and chronic issues to improve community disability services.