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Building a Culture of Safety Course 

As we further our efforts to build capacity and strengthen the Community Disability Services (CDS) sector workforce, ACDS is offering a new course titled, "Building a Culture of Safety".  This course is targeted towards leadership, management, human resource personnel, and safety representatives. It will give an overview of the top safety issues facing the CDS sector, the importance of creating a safety culture within your organization, measurement tools and goal-setting metrics, as well as provide engaging videos and activities to be used by all staff regularly to strengthen organizational culture around safety. The course is designed to go hand-in-hand with existing safety training and procedures. 

The course fee is $60 + GST for members per individual, $85 + GST for non-members.  

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Members Only Health and Safety Resources

The following resources are available for download by ACDS members on this page

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Medication Administration: ACDS offers guidelines surrounding medication administration proficiency, ensuring workplace assessments include metrics for staff safety, appropriate training, and knowledge of associated risk, and responsibilities of employers for the safety of their workers. 

Behaviors of Concern Policy: When serving individuals where an emergency intervention is needed, this policy highlights the necessary procedures to be in place to protect the worker’s health and safety.

Pandemic Policy and Procedures: ACDS also equips service providers with a sample policy and procedure to address the threat of influenza or other pandemic which causes widespread illness.

Risk Assessment: Through the accreditation process, ACDS has also created our own risk assessment, to guide community disability service providers and workers in identifying safety hazards specific to risks unique in this sector and their workplace.