Alberta Council of Disability Services

PPE Resources

We know our members have continued challenges accessing PPE, including medical-grade masks. ACDS is continuing to advocate to ensure that our sector has full access to PPE. Below is a list of resources that can help CDS staff and service providers maintain proper use of PPE.

AHS PPE Resources and Modules: A link to all AHS approved training and information regarding PPE

PPE Checklist: An easy to use visual guide on how to put on and take off PPE, developed by AHS

Donning and Doffing Video: A 13-minute video created by AHS to inform individuals of the proper wear to put on and take off PPE

How to Wear a Mask: A document which shows proper instructions on how to wear a mask for healthcare workers

Contact and Droplet Precautions: AHS guide to additional safety measures to take to prevent the spread of illness through PPE and handwashing

Universal Precautions and Proper Use of PPE: A training package created by Robin Hood Association to educate individuals on proper use of PPE, and other hygeine standards.