Alberta Council of Disability Services

Pandemic Planning Resources

The workplace is susceptible to the spread of illnesses because of the proximity between workers, and the frequency of contact with shared surfaces and objects. It is important for employers to be prepared to deal with workplace issues arising from the spread of illnesses, and employers should be proactive in putting a pandemic plan into action. 

Employers should always be prepared with a pandemic or communicable illness response plan. Here are a few resources to get you started:  

Getting Your Workplace Ready for Pandemic Flu General information, prevantative actions, and emergency operations planning for a pandemic flu.

Pandemic Planning Checklist: CDC checklist to ensure your business is prepared for a pandemic

Best Practice GuidelinesAlberta workplace standards and guidelines for businesses preparing for a pandemic flu.

Enhanced Environmental Cleaning Checklist: An editable checklist developed by URSA with details on additional cleaning measures during a pandemic

Sample Pandemic Plans

Sample Plan for pandemic response

Sample Plan for Pandemic Preparedness for Organizations

Sample Pandemic Plan Policy for Community Access and Employment

Sample Pandemic Plan Policy -Rehoboth Christian Ministries

Sample Pandemic Plan Policy - Universal Rehabilitation Service Agency (URSA)