Alberta Council of Disability Services

New Services Accreditation

ACDS offers New Services Accreditation to organizations that have achieved the status of Qualified Service Provider by the Government of Alberta. New Services Accreditation is required of all new service providers to be eligible to provide support to individuals with disabilities. 

New Services Accreditation is a Limited-Term Provisional Status

As of April 1, 2022, all New Services Accreditation designations are deemed provisional and valid for a period of one year only before full CET Level 1 Accreditation is required. 

This limited provisional accreditation status reflects:

  • The narrow scope of New Services Accreditation given the new service provider is either not yet serving individuals, or just starting to provide supports to individuals and therefore there is no ability to evaluate service provision. New Services Accreditation focuses on the organization's policies and procedures, setting up structures and infrastructure, developing resources, and setting up a qualified workforce.
  • That the accreditation only reflects adherence to standards at the point in time the accreditation of new standards occurs.

It is only at CET Level 1 Accreditation that ACDS can provide a full assessment of mandatory service outcomes and performance, examining service provision through, for example, conversations and interviews with individuals in service, staff, and management. CET Level 1 Accreditation is valid for three years. 

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