Alberta Council of Disability Services

COVID-19 Advocacy

Informed by evidence-based research and membership input, ACDS is trusted by community disability service providers and by government, to voice issues of concern and propose viable policy solutions on behalf of the sector. Our advocacy has resulted in effective mechanisms for rapid information sharing, mutual understanding, and collaborative solution development. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority is to support our members to provide vital services safely and effectively. We keep service providers appraised of relevant developments, engaged in voicing their issues, and involved in generating solutions.  

Service provider input and engagement are critical to helping ACDS advocate on behalf of the sector. Service providers can report their issues, concerns and questions to our dedicated email, and a member of the ACDS Leadership team will respond:  

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ACDS advocates strongly for issues that affect the Community Disability Services (CDS) sector. We are viewed by the Government of Alberta and the CDS sector as credible and trusted voice. We influence public policy by supporting our members to have a collective voice, conducting sector-specific research, and offering regular updates on policy and legislative changes impacting the sector.

Advocacy Initiatives

What We Are Advocating For: Our vision for vibrant communities is places where all citizens feel safe, healthy, connected, and valued.

Advocacy Resources: ACDS and external surveys, reports and position papers inform and support our public policy advocacy work

Tools and Tactics: Opportunities and information for our members and supporters to advocate for improved public policies and practices for the Community Disability Services sector