Alberta Council of Disability Services

CDS Sector in the News

'Workers are leaving': Burnout, low pay testing limits of those supporting Alberta's disabledEdmonton Journal, November 28, 2022

Disability workers across Alberta calling for wage increaserdNewsNOW, November 24, 2022

Nixon says provincial government is listening to disability sector workers Alberta Report, November 22, 2022

RALLIES LOOMING: Disability workers calling on Alberta's government for support to resolve 'staffing crisis' - Alberta Report, November 21, 2022

Alberta premier issues mandate letters to ministers stressing focus on inflation, ‘affordability crisis’Global News, November 10, 2022

Alberta government to increase funding for people who work with disabledCTV News, November 10, 2022

Alberta premier instructs ministers to focus on inflation and ‘affordability crisis’ in mandate lettersThe Epoch Times, November 10, 2022

Re-index AISH, Premier Smith directs minister of social servicesCTV News, November 9, 2022

Calgary non-profit groups urge province to use budget surplus to help most vulnerableCTV News, November 9, 2022

Alberta disability sector calling for wage increases amid high turnover rate CityNews Everywhere, November 5, 2022

‘Staffing shortage and lack of pay increase affecting clients’: disability support workerBridge City News, November 1, 2022

Alberta disability workers hopeful with new minister at the helmPolitics Today, October 26, 2022

After nearly a decade without a raise, Alberta disability workers asking for 25% pay hikeGlobal News, November 4, 2022

Alberta disability workers calling for higher wages in midst of ‘staffing crisis’ CTV News, November 4, 2022