Alberta Council of Disability Services

The Workforce Classification System

In 2004 ACDS partnered with Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) and other government stakeholders, to lead a series of initiatives known as Workforce 2010. They were designed to examine human resource issues facing the CDS sector in Albera, provide foundational information on th labour market issues, and profile the current and future service requirements for the industry, long term. 

This work was an essential building block for the Human Resource Strategy and concurrently informed ACDS Foundations Training and Creating Excellence Together (CET) standards. A number of human resource initiatives as well as tools and resources were developed to support this ongoing work and vision, including:

  • The establishment of Provincial and Regional Networks to engage service providers and mobilize action on shared human resource issues
  • The creation of the Workplace Classification System; of a system of benchmark job profiles and job titles to produce a common sectoral language and standards for CDS professionals
  • The creation of a Career Ladder to encourage a shift in mindset from jobs to careers with a defined path for advancement
  • A marketing and branding strategy to promote a shared professional identity within the sector and increase awareness of CDS sector careers
  • Annual human resource data collection to produce much-needed sectoral data including demographics, turnover, wages, training, and education at both the provincial and regional levels
  • Promotion of sector specific job training programs to ensure a base level of skills among workers

More than a decade after Workforce 2010, its impact is still relevant, and the work is ongoing. Several of the initiatives - including Foundations training, the Workforce Classification System, and data collection - continue to provide valuable information to the CDS sector and are routinely updated to keep up with new developments