Alberta Council of Disability Services

ACDS COVID-19 Updates

ACDS will be sending frequent updates with any new information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. These updates are issued by Andrea Hesse, CEO. Click the links below to view each of the updates. 

June 4

  • May 25 Public Health Order and Challenges for PDD Agencies: Direct your questions or concerns to us 
  • Invoicing Process: Clarified 
  • Relaunch Planning: Relevant resources  
  • CSS Weekly Q&A: Released yesterday 

May 28

  • May 25 Public Health Order: Amends the April 10 public health order; orientation webinar 
  • Reopening Community Access Programs: ACDS tool to assist with reopening  
  • PPE Access: Disability service providers continue to have access to free PPE 
  • CCS Weekly Q/A: Not issued this week as no questions received; continue to send us your questions 
  • New Resources: AHS Rehabilitation Advice Line; return to work employer toolkit 

May 21

  • Reopening Community Access Programs: a new ACDS tool to assist with reopening
  • Weekly CSS Q&A: a new Q&A document was released today

May 14

  • May 13 SPPC Meeting Update: addressing invoicing process issues 
  • Day Programs/Community Access: ACDS is creating a guide for service providers 
  • Data Collection and Funding for Wage Top-Ups: responding to requests 
  • CSS Weekly Q&A: released today 
  • Minister Sawhney’s Letter to Members of the Disability Community   
  • ACDS 2019 Workforce Survey: recently released report and one-pager
  • Resources for Individuals, Businesses, and Not-For-Profits During the COVID-19 Crisis: a follow-up document

May 6

  • CSS' weekly Q & A on COVID-19: new Q & A sheet released today 
  • Call for photos depicting service provision in COVID-19: let’s showcase the innovative and creative ways our sector has adapted 

May 4

  • Call for photos depicting service provision during COVID-19:  we want to showcase the innovate and creative ways our sector has adapted 
  • CSS information about interim PDD and FSCD policy changes
  • Alberta Health Q & A on visitation guidelines 
  • COVID-19 non-profit/voluntary sector support fact sheet 

April 30

  • New Public Health Orders: updated operational and outbreak guidelines, and new visitation guidelines for licensed supportive living and long-term care. 
  • April 29 SPPC meeting update: addressing the well-being and mental health of individuals

April 28

  • ACDS' advocacy on funding and invoicing: CSS has announced a new process for service providers
  • CSS' weekly Q/A on COVID-19: new Q/A sheet released today 
  • Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy launched: service providers with reduced revenues may benefit 

April 23

  • Our commitment to you: ACDS remains focused and resilient for our membership 
  • Outstanding issues, and commitments from CSS: redoubling our advocacy efforts 
  • Addressing workforce challenges and COVID-related funding needs
  • Clarity on the April 10 Public Health Order: new flowchart created by ACDS 

April 13

  • April 10 Public Health Order: restricting staff movement; other significant updated operational standards impacting continuing care facilities 
  • Non-licensed facilities: encouraged to apply the same operational standards as licensed facilities
  • PPE advocacy: we are working very hard on this urgent issue 
  • Wider testing announced: any Albertan with COVID-19 symptoms can now be tested 
  • Additional resources: PPE-use recommendations from AHS, link to all COVID-19 orders and legislation
  • New email address, continue to report challenges related to new health measures so that we can advocate for you 

April 8

  • New Public Health Order: No visitors to continuing care facilities 
  • Unlicensed homes: encouraged by CSS to apply the same standards as licensed homes 
  • SPPC Update: Addressed current challenges, and the need for post-pandemic planning and response 
  • Essential Workers: Documentation  
  • Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: more flexible 
  • New email address for questions, issues, concerns around COVID-19 

April 6

  • CSS/Service Provider Regional Meetings: will occur every two weeks 
  • Town Hall with GoA and Chief Medical Officer of Health: toll-free COVID-19 Coordinated Response Line, important follow-up and clarity from John Stinson, ADM 
  • April 2 Public Health Order: notification of COVID-19 cases, staff working in multiple facilities   
  • Video Message from Andrea Hesse: what we are hearing and advocating for, and some suggestions for continued service delivery  

April 3

  • New Public Health Order for continuing care facilities: notification of COVID-19 cases, staff working in multiple facilities 

April 2

  • Child care centres available to essential workers, including disability services staff 
  • CSS has committed to ongoing videoconferences with service providers 
  • April 1 Service Provider Partnership Committee meeting: addressing systemic issues, PPE 
  • New AHS resource for congregated living 
  • ABNN flash survey: understanding the impact of COVID-19 and what the nonprofit sector needs 
  • New COVID-19 ACDS email contact:

March 26

  • Schedule of upcoming virtual meetings between CSS and regional stakeholders 
  • New Public Health Order issued March 25: Guidelines on use of PPE. New requirements around common spaces and programming, and more
  • ACDS, ALIGN and ECVO initiative: navigating the web of benefits and resources available to you 

March 25

  • ACDS’ key priorities are to successfully advocate for the CDS sector, and build sector capacity  
  • ACDS is committed to supporting the sector through this critical time 
  • Important outcomes of today’s SPPC meeting: CSS’ commitment to regular virtual meetings, and other commitments 
  • Confirmed group home cases and visitation guidelines

March 24

  • Letter from CSS regarding the new Public Health Order for continuing care facilities
  • Record of Decision from the Chief Medical Officer of Health

March 23

  • New Public Health Order for continuing care facilities
  • Report your ongoing challenges

March 20

  • CET Accreditation Survey Update
  • Message from Ministry of CSS

March 18

  • ACDS’ COVID-19 related advocacy efforts: update on outcomes following today’s meeting with the Service Provider Partnership Committee   
  • Responding to staffing shortages: connecting and collaborating
  • Federal emergency response package: financial relief for individuals and businesses  

March 17

  • ACDS advocacy efforts
  • Operational status as of March 17, 2020
  • ACDS annual conference new dates - September 22-23, 2020
  • Innovation award update

March 13

  • Message from Andrea Hesse, CEO
  • Operational status as of March 13, 2020
  • ACDS 2020 Annual conference postponed
  • Pandemic Planning