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ACDS Response to PDD Consultation Questions

January 14, 2020

Achieving Sustainability is ACDS' response to the questions recently posed by the Alberta government to community disability service providers to help address challenges in the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program:

  1. How can the PDD program create room for caseload growth?
  2. What can be done to address pressures associated with the exceptional growth of individuals with complex service needs?
  3. Is there merit to encouraging particular service models (e.g., FMS) or exploring new, innovative delivery approaches (e.g., hybrid models)?
  4. How can we reduce "red tape" and maximize operational efficiency to ensure investments support desired outcomes?

Our recommendation, which is consistent with what we have voiced in the past, is to avoid ad hoc quick-fixes in favour of a systems approach. We propose a framework for a collaborative, systems conversation that begins by articulating our shared vision and values for the PDD program. We also suggest ways in which some pressures can be addressed quickly, to achieve immediate, meaningful progress while working towards a systemic solution.

Our response is informed by our ongoing consultations with ACDS members, service provider networks, ACDS surveys, government reports, and conversations with stakeholders. Much of the information was presented in Moving Forward:A Vision for Framework and Impact, originally submitted to the 2018 PDD Program Review Panel.
Thank you to those of you who submitted your individual agency or regional council responses to the four questions. Our collective voice is critical to support our joint advocacy efforts.


Read the full response here