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Reduced-Cost Programs

JI to belair

Benefit from exclusive savings on car and home insurance with belairdirect, our official partner. Johnson Insurance has rebranded as belairdirect, and we're excited to continue our partnership. 

ACDS members can access special deals on insurance through this partnership. With belairdirect, enjoy enhanced home coverage, optional car insurance add-ons with their Affinity Plus endorsement, and user-friendly digital tools for hassle-free management. 

To secure your benefits and discounts, identify yourself as an ACDS member and use our group ID code "ACODS" when requesting a quote at or by calling 1-833-887-4626. 

For existing Johnson Insurance customers, visit to understand the implications of this rebranding and changes for you. 



We are pleased to announce that ACDS has partnered with Aon Reed Stenhouse and Northbridge Insurance Company to offer an exclusive membership group insurance program that leverages the potential discounts of large premium volumes, yet can be tailored to meet your individual insurance goals and needs.

The key benefits that you as a member can enjoy will be competitive pricing with potential savings and broader scope of coverage. The insurance marketplace remains unpredictable and the group program will offer you long term stability of rates and coverage from year to year.

The Community Disability Services field faces unique 'risk' challenges. Our operations are complex and insurance premiums remain relatively high and coverage restricted. In some instances insurance coverage has been difficult to obtain. ACDS' objectives were to develop an insurance program that protects the business interests of our members by securing comprehensive, cost-effective coverage and to find a broker that not only understands our business but is also committed to ACDS and it's members.

The ACDS membership group insurance program was developed over a ten month period that included a comprehensive search within the insurance market to obtain the best underwriter and insurance broker. The group insurance program has been carefully tailored by a team of specialists whose focus is on helping you achieve your strategic insurance objectives. You will benefit from long-term stability and premiums that reflect your individual loss experience and exposures.

The group insurance package also includes access to Aon's Risk Control professionals who can help you creat a safe and socially responsible work environment with regular Loss Control and Prevention seminars to help you avoid and mitigate future losses.

ACDS is excited to be working in partnership with Aon on behalf of it's members. As the largest broker in Canada, Aon has extensive experience customizing insurance and risk solutions for groups of all sizes. Together, we are committed to helping your business grow and prosper. Each ACDS member that participates in the group insurance plan supports the ACDS and helps to maintain lower premium costs of the plan which in turn benefits all insured plan participants.

We believe you will find the ACDS group insurance plan to be an excellent opportunity to get value for your insurance dollar. We hope you will take advantage of the tangible benefits available to you by being an ACDS member and participating in the group insurance plan.

Please contact Stan Lewis or Tam Kuria at the AON office if you have any questions regarding this ACDS service.

Stan Lewis Tel: (403) 267-7807 or via email to
Greg Desbrow at Tel: (403) 267-7726 or via email to

For more information on Aon Reed Stenhouse please visit their website at



Non-Profit HR Program

The Non-Profit HR Program is a cost effective option for organizations that require HR planning and support to continue growing and developing their people and organizational effectiveness.  Offering reduced hourly rates exclusively to non-profits that are committed to developing their HR and people processes, the Non-Profit HR Program includes a complimentary initial HR Assessment and Action Plan, as well as periodic Touch Point Meetings free of charge to ensure organizations are achieving their target HR objectives at every stage of the Program. 

ACDS Reduced Cost Member Benefits

As a strategic partner with ACDS, Salopek & Associates will extend its Non-­‐Profit HR Program to ACDS members as part of the Reduced-Cost Program. The Non-Profit HR Program offers ACDS Members with a 20-25% discount on Salopek & Associates’ hourly rates for HR Consulting support. ACDS members will also receive a 20% discount on all Salopek HR E-­‐Store purchases, which offers online access to over 80 customizable HR templates, policies, guides and forms.

More information on the Non-Profit HR Program


St John Ambulance

ACDS and St. John Ambulance (SJA) have partnered to offer a discount program that ACDS members can make available to their staff, volunteers, individuals receiving service, and their immediate families.

ACDS Members Staff, volunteers, and individuals receiving service from ACDS Members will receive a 15% discount off of SJA published public rates on the following courses:

  • Emergency First Aid with Level A CPR and AED
  • Standard First Aid with Level C CPR and AED
  • Standard First Aid Recertification

ACDS Family Members Immediate family members to staff, volunteers and individuals receiving service from ACDS members will receive 10% off SJA published public rates on these courses:

  • Emergency First Aid with Level A CPR and AED
  • Standard First Aid with Level C CPR and AED
  • Standard First Aid Recertification
  • First Aid in Child Care
  • What Every Babysitter Should Know

Additional Information Recertification may be an option for those who have current first aid training.

More information on the ACDS/St. John Ambulance Partner Program.