Alberta Council of Disability Services

Past Winners

Recipient: ACDS Innovation Award 2019

Camrose Association for Community Living and the University of Alberta 
Innovation: SingAble

SingAble is a community based inclusive choir. It embraces the philosophy that music is for all and can benefit all. Inclusion choirs are, in many ways connected to music therapy. SingAble provides community members of all ages and stages of life, including those with disabilities, with the opportunity to explore and express their musical talents in a meaningful and rewarding way through song and musical expression. Everyone is valued regardless of ability, background, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. SingAble provides a powerful vehicle in which to increase awareness, change perceptions and build community connections.

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Recipient: ACDS Innovation Award 2018

St Paul Abilities Network (SPAN)

For its social enterprise initiative. SPAN is leading the way in Canada with intentional business in the charitable sector. There are few jobs for unskilled labour in rural Alberta, fewer still for people with disabilities and first nations people. SPAN completed its 7th and largest social enterprise, the St Paul Hampton Inn. SPAN’s limited service hotel generates capacity and addresses a community need; creates employment for target populations and generates income for the agency outside government funding.

Recipient: ACDS Innovation Award 2017

Southern Alberta Community Living Association, Skills Society, Lift Interactive

For their new technology innovation, My Compass: People Powered Planning. My Compass improves the quality of life of people receiving supports through human service organizations. After 5 years of research and development the partners have developed the user-friendly App that provides an engaging and humanized experience in how individualized services of people with disabilities are designed.