Alberta Council of Disability Services

ACDS Alumni Group

Are you a leader in Community Disability Services (CDS) and retired or planning to be retired in the near future? Do you want an opportunity to network and to continue to contribute to CDS as an Ambassador, advocate and mentor?

In the past year a start up group comprised of recently retired leaders from the disability sector has been meeting to develop an ACDS Alumni Group. To date, a Terms of Reference has been approved by the ACDS Board, a survey regarding the role of the Alumni has been circulated to member agencies, and a training session on the use of technology and its use as a communication tool has been held.

The Terms of Reference is based on feedback from retired leaders, member agencies, ACDS Board of Directors and staff. The Alumni members will also have a section in the Community of Practice/On common Ground forum on the ACDS website.

Our biggest challenge to date has been locating retired leaders to let them know about he Alumni. We are asking members, assistance to let soon to be retired or recently retired leaders about the ACDS Alumni. For more information please contact Alison Long at the ACDS office.

To become an Alumni member contact ACDS or fill out a Member Application and join ACDS as an Associate Individual Member. Please state on your application that you are interested in joining the Alumni Group. 

Alumni Members 

Ed Riediger (Co-Chair),Wally Mulder (Co-Chair), Linda Maxwell, Ann Nicol, Gail Stephens (Davis), Allan O'Byrne, Barry Bucknell, Bill Winship, Bob Greig, Ed Hinger, Hart Chapelle, Jim Menzies, Laurel Ponich,  Wayne Backer, Wayne Morrow, Laurie Williams and Dale Peterson.