Alberta Council of Disability Services

Level 2

What it Means to Achieve Accreditation Level 2

Achievement of Creating Excellence Together (CET) Accreditation Level 2 shows that a service provider

  • has gone beyond the minimum requirements of accreditation and is providing an above-average quality service
  • has shown that it is innovative, resourceful, and diligent
  • has earned the right to be considered employers of choice and leaders in the field and
  • has qualified itself to be a mentor to other organizations

The Accreditation Level 2 Process

CET Accreditation Level 2 incorporates all of the Level 1 standards and indicators, and also includes additional indicators that, while not mandatory for funding or for providing quality of life for individuals accessing service, measures the extra procedures a service provider facilitates to strive for

  • more excellent service to individuals
  • a higher level of support to staff and
  • a greater commitment to its community and the Community Disability Services field

To be considered for Accreditation Level 2, it is expected that all Accreditation Level 1 indicators will be met at the 90% level (as per the Accreditation Level 1 Measurement System). Once there is verification that Accreditation Level 1 has been met, the site-survey report is forwarded to ACDS' Commission on Accreditation for review.

The Accreditation Level 1 portion of the survey is funded by Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD); organizations are billed by ACDS for the Accreditation Level 2 part. Seeking to achieve Accreditation Level 2 in organizational and service excellence is a major undertaking and reflects an organization's drive to be the best that it can be.