Alberta Council of Disability Services

Membership Engagement Sessions

ACDS hosts bi-annual membership engagement sessions across the province in each region, gathering our member’s perspectives and insight in developing a proactive human resource strategy for ACDS members and the CDS sector’s workforce at large.  

Human resource issues have been one of the highest concerns of community disability service providers for over two decades.  Challenges include low wages, high staff turnover, lack of post-secondary programs to train new workers, lack of a formal certification system to assess staff competencies, and changing workplace demands and cultures. In part, some of these challenges stem from chronic underfunding compared to the real costs of providing community-based supports. Changing service models and higher expectations associated with increasingly diverse and complex range of individual support needs are also important contributors. The issues are further compounded by the ever more demanding and unpredictable landscape in which agencies find themselves.

ACDS member are driving the human resource strategy. For highlights from the Spring 2019 engagement sessions visit the members- area.