Alberta Council of Disability Services

Fall Webinar Series

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In response to the continued and important need for strong professional development opportunities in the Community Disability Services (CDS) sector, ACDS will be hosting a 5-session webinar series from October 19 to October 23, 2020. Each day will have one 90-minute webinar followed by a 30-minute question and answer period. 

Webinars will run from from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm each day.

This series will cover the following topics: 

  1. Mental Health and Trauma: Navigating Our Lived Experiences as Caregivers of Persons with Developmental Disabilities
  2. Intercultural Competence and Workplace Integration for Caregivers of Persons with Developmental Disabilities
  3. Mindful Hearts: Dementia Capable Care of Persons with Developmental Disabilities
  4. Creating a Culture of Respect for Gender and Sexual Diversity in the Disability Community
  5. Personal and Professional Reflections: Care in the Time of COVID-19

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Pricing is as follows: 

To increase access to this training opportunity, each registration submission grants an organization up to five 'seats' to a session (allowing for social distancing among staff members while engaging in the webinar).

One or two webinars
Non-Members: $71.50/per webinar
Associate Members: $57.25/per webinar
Full Members: $50/per webinar

Three webinars
Associate Members: $155
Full Members: $135

Four webinars
Associate Members: $206.67
Full Members: $180

Five-webinar set: Includes follow-up access to the series for 14 days afterwards  
Associate Members: $257.25
Full Members: $225

Please direct questions about this webinar series to with the subject line 'ACDS Fall Webinar Series'.