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Pandemic Response Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Impact and Insights: COVID-19 and Alberta's Community Disability Services SectorThis important ACDS paper—informed by numerous data sources—synthesizes how service providers in the Community Disability Service sector were impacted during the first six months since the COVID-19 public health emergency was declared. 

COVID-19 Leadership Webinar Recording: On November 5, 2020, ACDS hosted a webinar for leaders across the sector to discuss the learnings from COVID-19 outbreaks at four agencies. (Member login required to view webinar recording)

Read the Alberta Health Services website for comprehensive health information about COVID-19, and prevention.

Reopening Community Access Programs Tool (Updated June 10): This tool will assist organizations with risk assessment and planning for reopening day programs. This document will be updated as new information becomes available, including any guidance or restrictions issued by Community and Social Services (CSS) or Alberta Health.

ACDS Return to Office Guidelines: ACDS has made our return to office guidelines publicly available as an example for any organization that is planning their own return to the office. This document includes new protocols and best practices.

IntegralOrg COVID-19 Recovery Checklist for Nonprofits and CharitiesThis resource was created to assist nonprofit organizations in identifying current and future needs in the recovery phase. Leading your organization forward will require many choices and actions based on an understanding of the evolving external environment and the internal capacity and preparedness of your staff, Board, and volunteers.

CSS Relaunch Guidance Document: This document, based on best practices identified through orders by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, provides advice and guidelines to support service providers in the development of relaunch plans

Government Resources: Information, resources and recommendations from the Alberta government and the Government of Canada, including sample invoices for COVID-19 related costs

Weekly Q & A for Disability Service Providers: Information from the Ministry of Community and Social Services for the Community Disability Services sector related to COVID-19

ACDS COVID-19 Updates: News and resources relevant to the Community Disability Services sector, and key developments and information from ACDS’ regular contact with Community and Social Services

Resources for Individuals, Businesses, and Not-For-Profits During the COVID-19 Crisis: A resource from Align, ECVO, and ACDS. This document is a follow-up to our March 24th publication on resources for individuals, businesses, and not-for-profits. Some clarification has been provided on what government resources not-for-profits and charities are able to access 

Resources for Individuals with Disabilities: Plain language information about COVID-19 for individuals with disabilities, information regarding AISH and CERB benefits for individuals with disabilities, and other relevant resources 

PPE Resources: A list of resources to assist Community Disability Services staff and service providers maintain proper use of PPE

Pandemic Planning Resources

Staff Sharing and Sample MOUsFor organizations considering staff layoffs, or with a staff shortage, ACDS is recommending creating contracts to share staff wherever possible. Download a sample staff sharing contract here

Pandemic PlansSample pandemic plans from the CDS sector, and more information to help your organization be prepared

Business Continuity ResourcesTemplates, sample plans, and guides to keep your business running during a pandemic

Calgary Council Collective Pandemic Response: Pandemic planning and opportunities for collective approaches and responses

Edmonton Region Response Strategy: The intent of this document is to outline joint processes and expectations developed collaboratively by Disability Services, Edmonton Region and the Edmonton Region Council of Service Providers to support Service Providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.