Alberta Council of Disability Services

Tools and Tactics

Tools and Tactics

MLA Meetings Tracking Tool: Help ACDS to advocate more effectively by completing this survey to inform us of each meeting you have with a MLA regarding issues related to the CDS sector

Tactics for Engaging Political Parties

There are many ways to make politicians and political candidates aware of the issues in our sector. Pick one or two issues that you feel most strongly about, use any resources on this website, and share your own story

  • Write letters and emails to your MLA / MP and local candidates
  • Invite your MLA / MP and local candidates to visit your agencies
  • VOTE! And encourage others in the sector to vote too
  • Be prepared to engage with candidates or volunteers when they are door-knocking or when they call
  • Attend candidate debates and participate during the question period
  • Invite your MLA / MP and local candidates to an event hosted by your organization
  • Use your social media platforms to raise awareness of issues. Include the hashtag #advocate4CDS in all social media communications


What we are advocating for

Advocacy resources