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Training and Development Webinars

Training and Development 


Winning Proposals the Workshop

This video series was filmed at a full day workshop in November 17, 2016 In Leduc Alberta.
The day has been broken down into 8 Videos for your ease of viewing, plus a Cases Study Video that will be used for all the exercises.

Our facilitator Kara Thompson BC. LLB is the owner of Accountability Law Office in Edmonton, a boutique law firm specializing in providing legal and consulting advice on public procurement processes and contracting. Ms. Thompson also owns and facilitates training for Three E Training Inc., which trains provincial government employees on the management of contracts and procurement processes. Her expertise builds on her 14 years of experience as a senior solicitor at Alberta Human Services specializing in public sector procurement and contract law. Her super-powers are her comprehensive knowledge of outcome-based and cost-effective public sector procurement practice, and familiarity with government business practices. Ms. Thompson is also an instructor for the Osgoode Advanced Course in Public Procurement in Toronto.

1. Case Study for all 3 exercises
2. WP Module One - Part 1
3. WP Module One - Part 2
4. WP Module One - Part 3 - Exercise 1
5. WP Module Two - Part 1
6. WP Module Two - Part 2 - Exercise Two
7. WP Module Two - Part 3
8. WP Module Two - Part 4 - Exercise Three
9. WP Module Two - Part 5

Ethics in Human Services – Questions that
Matter Video Series

  • Designed with new and long term staff in mind
  • Can be reviewed independently but group discussion
    is highly recommended

Titles and Final Length
Video 1: Am I an ethical practitioner? (8:00)
Video 2: What do ethical dilemmas look like? (12:00)
Video 3: What information am I supposed to know? (20:00)
Video 4: What are the decision making steps? (18:00)
Video 5: Where can I get Help? (9:30)

Handout:  Questions that Matter

autism workplace

Autism: Get Hired and Stay Employed - Sarah Taylor

Why are employers are hesitant to hire individuals with ASD? Looking for ways to help individuals on the spectrum overcome employment barriers? This video will debunk some myths associated with an ASD diagnosis and highlight the advantages of diversifying the workplace for employers, individuals with ASD, and society alike. This video will help employment counsellors and others learn more about autism spectrum disorders and ways to support people who have this type of disability, when they are seeking employment, while working, and in other aspects of life. Autism and Employment  (32:00 minutes)

Ed Riediger

History of the Workforce Development
in Community Disability Services
- Ed Riediger, Robin Hood Association

Don Lenihan

Public Engagement - Don Lenihan

 Dale DiLeo

Evolving the Field of Disabillities - Dale DiLeo

Michael Callahan

Customized Employment - Michael Callahan

Outcomes Outputs

Outcomes versus Outputs:
Beginning with the end in Mind!
- Corinne Thomas, ACDS and Arlene Ehl, Disability Serivces

ACDS Head Office

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Calgary, AB  T2E 7J2
Ph: (403) 250-9495
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