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ACDS Training Overview

Post Secondary Information

ACDS paper on current Post Secondary programs and recent closures

Are you walking the talk?

From the newest team member to those with life long experience, every worker shares one thing in common. They all want to make a difference in the lives of people. Direct service staff, play a crucial role in the lives of people with disabilities, but unfortunately, the intuitive values, attitudes and skills that staff bring to their jobs, may not be suitable, appropriate or beneficial to the people with whom they work and their families. ACDS training is designed to reinforce the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes so vital to successful outcomes of the work in this sector.

The closure and struggle of many of the post secondary disability programs across Alberta, coupled with the high turnover rates, keep training as a key functional area of ACDS.

How is it designed?

All ACDS training is designed with four core ethical principles in mind: belief in the dignity of all people, responsible caring, integrity in relationships and a strong sense of social responsible. Our training curriculum reflects these beliefs. They are developed around identified core competencies, with an emphasis on practicality, flexibility, affordability, portability though standardization of content, and recognition for learning. Feedback identifies increased confidence and engagement of staff and better outcomes for individuals are a result. If offers a foundation for professionalism.

What we offer:

Whether you are a community disability organization, a family member or and individual wanting to start work in the field; we are here to support you as set out on this learning journey.

Foundations in Community Disability Services: Covers 16 core competencies. The minimum level of training required for anyone working in the sector. 

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) training: Entry level workshops and facilitator training

From Community Presence to Community Inclusion: Online training that focuses on actively securing the community inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Alberta Supported Employment Consultant Training: foundational training in this key area build around eight core competencies.


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