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Accreditation Council – Committee

The Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) Board of Directors has approved three Operational Councils (i.e., Membership Council, Workforce Council, Accreditation Council) to assist in the advancement of the focus areas for ACDS. The key purpose of the councils is to be touchstone groups that provide advice and/or expertise on the key directional areas of the organization. Of these three councils, it is the Accreditation Council that supports the Standards and Accreditation department along with its purpose and goals (i.e., to provide accreditation to organizations in the Community Disabilities Services sector).

Being a member of the Accreditation Council provides many ways for seasoned colleagues and emerging leaders to provide expert advice to the program area and to give strategic counsel and support to developments in this area. Membership on the Council opens up opportunities to be champions and leaders in communicating developments regarding standards and accreditation, and to gather feedback and intelligence from the field on the views of the standards and accreditation process as well as best practice ideas. Council members also act as liaisons for ACDS on standards to all other areas of the Community Disability Services Field throughout Alberta.

The Accreditation Council consists of between six and nine members who are ACDS members (or from member organizations), may represent each region of the province, will have an interest in and knowledge of the accreditation process, will have a commitment to improving and marketing Standards and Accreditation; and will have experience in any of the following the areas: Persons w/ Developmental Disabilities (PDD), Children with Disabilities (FSCD), Mental Health, Brain Injury, and Seniors.

The Accreditation Council meets four times a year in the ACDS Calgary boardroom. Members are also welcome to join via teleconference. Administrative support for the Council is provided by ACDS.

Interested persons can apply to participate on this committee by sending an Application to Participate on the Accreditation Council form to the Standards and Accreditation department.

ACDS Head Office

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Calgary, AB  T2E 7J2
Ph: (403) 250-9495
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