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LET Self-Assessment Tool

The LET Self-Assessment Tool offers a framework of principles and criteria that can help service providers assess the degree to which they are compliant with their obligations. In addition, it identifies the leading practices and strategies that providers are encouraged to implement if they are to be perceived as "employers of choice" in Alberta and if they wish to challenge themselves at the highest level of organizational excellence. It also provides organizations a means of:

  • examining their administrative practices;
  • pinpointing where they are doing excellent work;
  • interpreting results and creating an action plan for improving their practices or checking the adequacy of practices already in place;
  • determining what changes they would like to make or need to make to become more effective or efficient; and
  • providing accountability to their stakeholders

Completing the tool is voluntary, meant only to be a measurement tool for an organization's benefit, and will have no impact or influence on the results of an organization's site survey for accreditation.

Service providers can make as many copies of this tool that they need for their organization.

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