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CET Components

The Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards were developed to measure expectations for Alberta service providers that support individuals within the field of community disability services.


The three components of the CET Standards are:

  1. Quality of Life
  2. Quality of Service
  3. Organizational Framework

Service providers are encouraged to use the CET Standards to evaluate themselves both for their own information and to prepare for an external peer survey.

cet treeQuality of Life

The different areas of quality of life are like the fruit on a tree.

To have a good quality life is the ultimate goal of us all. The Quality of Life Standards are directly based on what Albertans with disabilities said was important to them in their lives. Individuals receiving service and the people who support them may use the Quality of Life standards as part of their individual planning process.

Quality of Service

Staff can be seen as the branches of a tree, bringing nourishment and support.

The Quality of Service Standards measure how staff support individuals to achieve the quality of life they desire. When developing this section of the standards, the message individuals receiving service continually conveyed was, "It is quality if I believe it is respectful of me and if it gets me to where I want to go."

Organizational Framework

All services are rooted in a framework that serves as the foundation from which quality of service and quality of life grow.

The Organizational Framework Standards acknowledge the responsibility to assess the processes that each service provider uses to support and improve an individual's quality of life. The ultimate test of any organizational process is how well it supports outcomes for the individuals it serves.

Measuring the Standards

The CET Standards are measured through an on-site visit with the service provider in a process called a survey. The survey is conducted by paid team leaders as well as volunteers, all of whom have work experience in the field of community disability services and are referred to as surveyors.

To measure the Quality of Life Standards, surveyors conduct in-depth conversations with a representative sample of individuals receiving service, some of whom may have varying limitations in their ability to verbally communicate. Information concerning the individuals' quality of life may also be gathered from family members, guardians, and/or friends who are able to advocate for the individuals and/or speak on their behalf. As much as possible, the conversations will take place in a relaxed environment that is most comfortable for each of the survey participants.

For the Quality of Service Standards, information is gathered through conversations with staff members who directly support the individuals who participate in the Quality of Life conversations. The focus of these conversations is on the direct supports that staff provide to the individuals.

The Organizational Framework Standards are measured by reviewing the information and evidence the service provider submitted that indicates how its organizational processes align with these standards. In addition, a meeting will be held with the key management group or leadership staff to clarify and confirm the frame-work and process that supports the organization's operations.

The Survey Report

Following the completion of a survey, the results are documented in a report along with any commendations or recommendations. Stakeholders who are interested in viewing the results of a specific survey are asked to directly contact the service provider or its funder.

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