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LET Self-Assessment Tool

The LET Self-Assessment Tool offers a framework of principles and criteria that can help service providers assess the degree to which they are compliant with their obligations. In addition, it identifies the leading practices and strategies that providers are encouraged to implement if they are to be perceived as "employers of choice" in Alberta and if they wish to challenge themselves at the highest level of organizational excellence. It also provides organizations a means of:

  • examining their administrative practices;
  • pinpointing where they are doing excellent work;
  • interpreting results and creating an action plan for improving their practices or checking the adequacy of practices already in place;
  • determining what changes they would like to make or need to make to become more effective or efficient; and
  • providing accountability to their stakeholders

Completing the tool is voluntary, meant only to be a measurement tool for an organization's benefit, and will have no impact or influence on the results of an organization's site survey for accreditation.

Service providers can make as many copies of this tool that they need for their organization.

CET Preparation Toolkit

ACDS Standards and Accreditation developed the following workbooks, factsheets, and overviews for service providers to share with

  • Front Line Staff
  • Individuals Receiving Service
  • Guardians

CET Standards Workbooks

  1. CET Quality of Life Workbook
  2. CET Quality of Service Workbook

CET Factsheets

  1. CET Level 1 Factsheet
  2. CET Level 2 Factsheet
  3. Complex Support Needs Designation (CSND) Factsheet
  4. Service Tiers Tool
  5. Services for Children Factsheet
  6. Community of Practice Factsheet

CET Overviews

  1. Site Survey Process & Timeline
  2. Survey Overview for Individuals
  3. Survey Overview for Staff

These documents are in PDF (Portable Document Format) document/file.


Guidelines for the Use of Medications that Influence Behaviour

Medications Booklet Brochure

In the disability field, medication is sometimes used to modify behaviour. Despite the necessity of this intervention, guidelines must also be in place to ensure that the individuals who require this type of medication are protected and that service providers and staff practise due diligence.

The intent of this booklet is to provide guidelines for the responsible use of medications as a restrictive approach or procedure and as part of an integrated treatment plan to address behaviours of concern, and the review and monitoring of all medication prescriptions. This booklet is primarily intended for service providers and staff, advocates, and review committees.

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Becoming an ACDS Surveyor

The Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) is always interested in hearing from qualified representatives from across Alberta who wish to become surveyors for the Creating Excellence Together Accreditation Levels I and II Standards Site-Survey Process.

Interested applicants must have:

  • a comprehensive working knowledge of community disability services; and
  • a keen ability to
    • analyze data,
    • review and interpret organizational structure information,
    • facilitate conversations,
    • observe practice, and
    • work with a team.

Applicants who wish to be Team Leaders will be instructed on how to

  • lead a site-survey and
  • document your findings in a concisely-written report.

Downloadable Forms

Completed application forms or questions about becoming an ACDS surveyor can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Key Surveyor Attributes

  • The desire to be part of a dynamic team of peers.
  • Good listening skills and keen observation skills.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to be understood by individuals who may have communication difficulties.
  • The ability to quickly put people at ease and facilitate conversations that will help to verify alignment with the standards. In-depth conversations will be held with individuals receiving service, and may involve families and friends, direct support staff, management, and members of the Board of Directors.
  • The ability to objectively analyze data, determine where to look, who to talk to, and what to observe to confirm alignment with the standards.
  • Knowledge of the development and implementation of organizational policy and procedure, organizational human resources planning, governance, and financial issues.
  • The flexibility to change direction and priorities as often as required during a site-survey.
  • The ability to record good examples relative to the indicators and to succinctly and accurately summarize information about a service provider relative to the standards. The information you provide will be crucial to the Team Leader when writing the final report.
  • The capability to "think on your feet" and keep things and people organized.
  • High endurance and stamina (to put in long hours while on-site and to accommodate extensive travel).

Required Qualifications for Team Members

The ideal candidates for volunteer Accreditation Team Members will have:

  1. a minimum of five (5) years experience in the field of community disability services;
  2. experience that encompasses a variety of jobs including positions with community service providers; and
  3. experience as a staff member working in related areas for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD.

To ensure we have the right mix of people to build our team, other preferred qualifications may include:

  1. related post-secondary education;
  2. supervisory or management experience; and/or
  3. prior training and experience as an ACDS surveyor.

In addition to the above qualification, applicants must successfully complete Surveyor Training and make a commitment to complete a minimum of two (2) surveys annually, as well as participate in any future surveyor training.

Required Qualifications for Team Leaders

The ideal candidates for contracted Accreditation Team Leaders will have:

  1. a minimum of five (5) years work experience in community disability services or a related human service field;
  2. administrative and/or supervisory experience;
  3. experience in program delivery and evaluation; and
  4. experience within the PDD environment and/or other funding body.

Other preferred qualifications may include: 

  1. four (4) years of post-secondary education; and
  2. prior training and experience as an ACDS surveyor.

Equivalent combinations of work experience and education will be considered. Because the work of a Team Leader involves pre-survey preparation, actual survey facilitation and participation, and post-survey work (i.e., from basic compilation of data through to the preparation of a final report, within defined timelines), critical skills include:

  1. strong leadership and communication skills;
  2. excellent writing skills;
  3. a focus on detail and accuracy in work produced;
  4. excellent organizational and time management skills;
  5. good computer skills (e.g., proficient in Word, specifically with using the reviewing toolbar, formatting, and entering data into tables; comfortable using email); and
  6. a commitment to quality work.

In addition to the above qualification, applicants must successfully complete Surveyor Training and Team Leader Training, and make a commitment to complete a minimum of two (2) surveys annually, as well as participate in any future surveyor training.

Survey Expenses and Compensation

  1. ACDS arranges for and covers the cost of accommodations.
  2. ACDS asks surveyors to please use the most economical form of travel possible and encourages carpooling where feasible. If you use your own car, ACDS will reimburse you for either the cost of gas (receipts must be submitted) or mileage (kilometers must be recorded). If needed, ACDS can arrange transportation (e.g., bus, car rental) on your behalf.
  3. ACDS will reimburse surveyors for associated survey costs following the submission of appropriate supporting documentation (e.g., meal receipts).
  4. Generally, surveyors' employers agree to cover their salaries for the survey days, although ACDS can arrange compensation for staff replacement costs through an honorarium of $100.00 per survey day (usually Tuesday to Friday). Honorariums will be paid to the organization, given directly to the Team Member, or used as a credit towards future surveyor training or ACDS conferences, as directed by written instructions from the employer.
  5. Team Leaders are paid $1,000.00 for leading a CET Level I Survey and between $1,500.00 and $2,500.00 for leading a CET Level II Survey.

ACDS Head Office

160 3015-12 Street NE
Calgary, AB  T2E 7J2
Ph: (403) 250-9495
Fax: (403) 291-9864

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