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Success Stories 2016

Celebrate Success

Caterpillars to Butterflies PDF Print & Image 

Written by Brenda Prince and Painted by Staff from CLAIR Inc.

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A history - While we have come a long way on all fronts, there is still a great distance to travel on the road to understanding, acceptance and equality.

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 CLAIR Inc PDF Print

The Evolution of an Executive Director 

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Growth Opportunities

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ARCH Enterprises PDF/Picture  

ARCH celebrating achieving CET Accreditation Level 2

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Community Disability Services Workforce Questions Video
developed at Spring Conference 2014
20 Mins. YouTube Video
Gateway Association Cash MOB 2.22 YouTube Video
Blue Heron Support Services We Are the People! 4.27 YouTube Video
Mikey Hamm Kevin 2.25


Lots of great 2 minute videos, but we viewed Kevin's story

Disability Action Hall - Journeys Program My Home, My Life, My Choice 3.01 YouTube Video
Abilities - Lethbridge Art  

Art at Abilities

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Autism Artistry Artist - Grant 2.21 YouTube Video
DDRC Success at the DDRC 2.46 YouTube Video
ART Installation at AB Legislature .JPG Images 2.00 YouTube Video

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