Critical/Creative Thinking

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Resources The Critical Thinking Community website has a wide variety of articles related to critical thinking skills. Workshops available focus on critical thinking in school settings. Provincial Click to visit website


Knowledge Connector is a clearinghouse of training opportunities for non-profit boards and management through Volunteer Alberta. Common topics relate to leadership, board governance issues, evaluation, conflict management, team building and creative thinking. Workshop location is identified by region. Check their map to determine which region you are in within their system. Provincial Click to visit website

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Workshop This 1-day Creative Problem Solving workshop is for organizations that want to enable and empower people to be more creative in problem solving. The workshop includes the tools, techniques and approaches to broaden perspectives and see beyond existing paradigms. The opening assumption is that we are all creative thinkers. This workshop further explores and develops the skills necessary to be more effective in the Creative Problem Solving process. This workshop can be customized to provide a lab environment for a team to work on a specific organizational challenge. Provincial Click to visit website
Workshop Fostering Relevant Creativity in Human Service Design: There has been much talk around needing innovation and creative thinking to get better quality outcomes for persons served in community disability and social services. This course focuses on how to enhance creative thinking and what kind of organizational culture fosters relevant innovation. It takes key creative processes that are successful in the art and design world and connects them to the process of designing high quality, individualized social services. The course goes through the value of creativity in social services, as well as what helps enhance creative thinking at an individual level and in group processes. Essentially the course is about the stuff we can do to set the stage for relevant innovations to emerge. Provincial Think Jar Collective:

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Workshop Fern Richardson & Associates provides workshops on:
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • From Creativity to Innovation: Create your leading edge
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